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How to Participate in the Raffle

Participating in the draw is simple. Create an account using a link on our website and deposit at least €25. Any deposit exceeding €25 on a newly registered account via our website qualifies you to participate.

You will receive one raffle ticket for every €25 deposited to the participating online casino. Deposit €25 to receive 1 raffle ticket, deposit €75 for 3 raffle tickets, and so on. There is no maximum limit on the number of tickets you can earn!

You can read the detailed terms of the draw here.

Prize Pool

The draw will include all qualifying participants, and the prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Prize: €5000
  • 2nd Prize: €2500
  • 3rd Prize: €1250
  • 4th Prize: €750
  • 5th Prize: €500

Register an account via these links to participate

  • 100% BONUS up to 300€
  • 5 x 20€ FREE BETS
  • Bonus code: NITRO
  • 100% BONUS up to 300€
  • Bonus code: FEST
  • Play instantly
  • Super fast withdrawals
  • Bonus code: RAPID
  • 100% BONUS up to 300€
  • 2 other casino bonuses
  • 5×20€ Free Bets
  • Bonus code: XLBET

Terms of the draw, read carefully:

  • Maximum of 1 prize per player.
  • Participate by creating an account and depositing at least 25 € from the link on our page.
  • Only users registered through a link from our website can participate in this raffle.
  • Nitro, XLbet, Rapid, Casinofest terms and conditions and bonus terms apply
  • All deposits made between 1 April 2024 and 31 May 2024 will be taken into account.
  • Max withdrawal from the prizes capped to 10 000 €
  • Every prize has 1x wagering requirement