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How to participate in the bonushunt guessing contest

Bonushunt is a term related to online casinos and casino streams. It is a type of game where the player collects several bonuses from different games and when the amount of money approaches zero, all the bonuses are opened at once. The idea of ​​this bonushunt form is that the viewers guess how much money the bonuses will bring in total in the end. The closest guess will be rewarded!

Enter the contest by submitting your guess below!

    Terms of the Bonushunt guessing contest

    • Only guesses submitted during the bonushunt livestream are included in the competition
    • You can participate in the bonushunt guessing contest once per bonushunt
    • The viewer with the closest guess wins a €25 prize
    • The prize can be redeemed within 2 weeks of the bonus hunt
    • The prize is paid to the participant’s Casinobud account