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Bonusguru chooses the best and most user-friendly online casinos for you

At Bonusguru, our passions are two things. First, online casinos, and that’s what this whole site is about. Secondly, we want to offer you, as a player or someone interested in online casinos, the most up-to-date news, reviews and offers for the best casinos on the market. We know from experience how time-consuming and frustrating it is when you’re trying to find the right place to play. That’s why we wanted to create a completely new page, and help you with these challenges we’ve experienced before. We hope that through our website it will be easier for you to focus on what is essential, i.e. playing!

Online casinos bring a nice extra spark to your life

Online casinos have been popular among players for a long time. The first online casino opened its “doors” in the United States even as long ago as 1995, i.e. more than 20 years ago. Over the years, however, online casinos have changed a lot due to, among other things, growing popularity and advanced technology. Few players have to worry about the safety of playing at an online casino anymore, because casinos are becoming more reliable all the time, and with technology, the games are better and the casino sites are more player-friendly.

In addition to the fact that the reliability of online casinos is closely monitored by the authorities, the security of the online banking level guarantees top-level reliability and significantly faster money transfers than before. One of the most significant drivers of development has definitely been fierce competition and the strong growth in popularity of online casino games.

In addition to the fact that online casinos offer easy and safe entertainment for their players, playing at casinos does not really require any kind of skill. Playing at an online casino is largely based on luck, which is why online casinos are suitable for just about anyone. Many people’s perception that playing requires skill may stem from betting or online poker, where skill is part of winning. At online casinos, both my and your chances of winning are exactly the same. The chance of winning for all players is exactly the same, which can also contribute to the constantly growing popularity of playing with them.

When it comes to the reliability of online casinos, you will find the safest casinos through us. We do not list a single online casino on our website that is not 100% safe to play with. Nowadays, behind many casinos are companies of huge size, even listed on the stock exchange. Online casinos are therefore currently part of the business of large gaming companies. Through Bonusguru, you get all the best and safest casinos, even for your home sofa. In addition to all the good things, we have made a casino search for you, through which you will find exactly the bonuses and offers you are looking for. In addition to the casino search, we list and constantly update our list of the newest and most popular online casinos. You can find the most up-to-date listings in the new online casinos, best online casinos and most popular online casinos section of our website. When evaluating the best online casinos, we pay particular attention to user-friendliness, bonuses, quick withdrawals, tax exemption and how well online casinos work on mobile devices. In addition, we also highly value the feedback we receive from customers.

How do you distinguish good online casinos from bad ones?

At a glance, many online casinos are very similar, and it can be difficult to find the most suitable one from the wide selection of casinos. In addition, there are so many casinos these days that just browsing through the lists can put a new person interested in gambling in a spin. The truth is that the best way to find out what kind of casinos you like is to try them out. Many casinos offer free play money and free spins so that you can safely and risk-free try out what the online casino in question looks like to you. In addition, the purpose of our site is to offer you the market’s most reliable and unbiased reviews of every casino we list. In the reviews you will find tips to support playing at online casinos and you will also get valuable bonuses and benefits for each online casino.

For example, here is a list of casinos that offer free play money. We recommend registering for these casinos, even if your purpose is just to try it out. Playing registered is much more convenient, and when you find an online casino you like, all you have to do is make a deposit and you can continue playing within the limits of your own budget. Also remember that bonuses offered by casinos are not mutually exclusive. So nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the valuable benefits of every casino we have listed.

We encourage you to experiment and find your favorite way to play. Anyway, we want to welcome you to the world of online casinos! This world is one of the best ways to bring extra excitement and a sense of excitement to everyday life. Remember to only play with extra money to keep your finances in order. In this way, you avoid unnecessary stress and get to enjoy the best aspects of the excitement, as well as perhaps the big wins that brighten up everyday life!

Online casinos without deposit

When online casinos offer the option: play without a deposit, it means free bonus money or play money offered by the casino, which the player can use after opening a game account. In connection with such an offer, you do not need to deposit your own money. This is an excellent way to get to know the world of casinos and we have listed all the casinos that offer free play money. If you are interested in online casinos, you should definitely take advantage of these offers: free spins offers and free play money offers.

Free spins

In addition to free play money, several online casinos offer their customers free spins. The word means exactly that, i.e. you get to explore the casinos for free and you still get the same chances to win as a depositing player. Some of the casinos also offer free spins completely without wagering. This means you don’t have to play any more after winning if you don’t want to. You should definitely take advantage of these offers if you are interested in playing at casinos, but don’t want to invest your own money in them yet. You can find all online casinos that offer free spins  here . In addition, if you are interested in more detail about how the free spins work, read more  here .

Casino bonuses

It is very typical that online casinos offer bonuses for the amount you deposit. The purpose of the bonus is to increase the player’s balance, in other words to multiply the amount you deposit. This is another excellent way to get to know online casinos a little deeper than the surface. You can catch the games with a big cash right from the start. The math here is also very simple, because the more money you have to play with, the greater the chance you have to catch the winnings as well. Many casinos offer great welcome packages that double or even triple your first deposit. This only means greater opportunities to get away with big money. Read  here  in more detail what the deposit bonus means and how it works. In addition, you can watch here the best casino bonuses .

Which online casino wins best?

In general, no casino is easier to win than another. Even if you change casinos, the same game always has the same probability of winning. These probabilities are drawn by random generators, and the online casinos themselves cannot influence what kind of results these generators produce.

Many people think about which online casino is the best or which online casino wins best. Bonusguru’s instructions for this is that your favorite online casino is the one you enjoy playing at the most. For someone it can be an online casino that has offered the first big win, for another it can be a casino that seems to have the most regular wins. You can find our review  here . It may very well be that you will also find your own, or future, favorite on this same list.

Mobile casinos always at your fingertips, how do I find the best?

Just like general internet surfing, the vast majority of playing at online casinos is now done on mobile devices. Almost all online casinos have also noticed this and invested considerably in user-friendliness on mobile devices. Many people are already talking about mobile casinos, and there are also casinos on the market that are completely designed to be used on mobile devices. The advantage of mobile casinos is that they allow you to play from anywhere, as long as you have a phone or tablet with you. You just pick up your mobile device and start playing. In addition to the fact that mobile casinos offer the possibility of “more mobile” gaming, they are also, in the opinion of many users, more pleasant to use than browser-based casinos.

How can I recognize the good, reliable and best online casinos?

The best online casinos often also work in such a way that after the first try you don’t have to think separately about what exactly makes this casino good and reliable. At Bonusguru, we often use fast payment of winnings, fast website operation and mobile usability as criteria. The fastest online casinos pay winnings so quickly that winnings may be in your account even in minutes. If you have no previous experience of playing at online casinos, we recommend that you take a look and choose your first slots from our best online casinos page. This is how we ensure that your first experience with online casinos is as meaningful as possible.

In general, mobile casinos are also a good yardstick for how high-quality and good online casinos are anyway. Gaming companies that invest a lot in mobile usually also invest in everything else possible to make gaming as pleasant as possible. Mobile casinos are only getting more popular every day, and online casinos that are most up-to-date want to make playing effortless for their customers. As one yardstick for a good casino, we also use the customer service they offer. In general, the less often customer service is needed, the better the casino has done its job. Sometimes, however, situations arise that require contact. Some of the online casinos even offer 24-hour customer service, and you can choose whether you are in contact via chat, email or phone. In these situations, you should also give a lot of weight to your own experience. If you don’t get the right help and the service leaves you with only question marks, that’s a bad sign in our opinion. Just like the customer service of any other company, the customer service of a good online casino also tries to solve the customer’s problem quickly, whether it is a simple or a more complex problem.

Bonusguru’s passion is the most user-friendly and best online casinos

It has probably already become clear to you that at Bonusuguru, our passion is the most user-friendly and best online casinos. In addition, we want to offer all players better online casino experiences and help you as a player to avoid gambling-related pitfalls. We know from experience how much time it can take to find a suitable gaming place and how frustrating it is when an online casino does not meet your expectations. That’s why we wanted to create a completely new page, and help you with these challenges we’ve experienced before. On our website you will find, among other things, news, reviews, listings and a casino search. We also want to offer the opportunity to anyone to write their experiences of the world of online casinos on our pages. We hope that through our website it will be easier for you to focus on what is essential, i.e. playing!

Customers’ online casino experiences

You’ve probably heard the saying “the customer is always right”. This also applies whenever we review online casinos. Players’ experiences are more valuable than gold when evaluating online casinos, because they offer fellow players the best possible view of what playing at each casino is like. We encourage you to contact us, no matter what kind of experience you have with a casino. You can reach us at  [email protected]. Naturally, the more experiences we get from our customers, the better we are able to evaluate the best online casinos of the moment for other players. When you send us customer experiences about online casinos, try to emphasize how reliable the casino feels and whether they handle everything as promised. If you have encountered problems, we are also more than happy to hear about them. The same applies if you are particularly satisfied with a certain casino. Please write us your experience!

At you will find the best online casinos

Since our passion is online casinos, we also want to offer you the most up-to-date and reliable information about the best online casinos of the moment. We list only reliable and well-proven online casinos on our page, because we want that whichever casino you choose through our pages, your choice will be as good as possible. The best online casinos usually offer a gaming experience where there is nothing to complain about, from identification to mobile usability. Identification is usually done in an instant and mobile usability is effortless. In addition, in the case of a good online casino, everything in between often goes smoothly. In general, we have placed the best online casinos on our site in a visible place on the pedestal so that they are easy to find. These casinos have found their place based on user experience and customer feedback, and they are united by a good gaming platform on computer and mobile, and promptly paid winnings and withdrawals. Online casinos should offer their players the most pleasant and effortless service possible, and we want to do our part to make sure that you choose only the best.