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200 wager free spins
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HighRoller Casino Pros and Cons


  • Instant withdrawals
  • Good selection of games
  • Livespins streams
  • Smooth mobile experience
  • Tax-free withdrawals


  • There could be more bonuses

First impression of High Roller Casino

In the casino world, ‘Highroller’ traditionally means a player with big money, who has a good bankroll and enough chips. High Roller Casino, an online casino established in 2017, is aimed at them. There’s no reason to worry for others either, because the casino is happy to accept players who don’t bet thousands – it’s more like the branding is done in the blink of an eye.

Bonusguru’s honest High Roller Casino review goes through every corner of the site. We comprehensively present not only the welcome bonus and other campaigns, but also all important areas, which include the security of the gaming room, customer service and money transactions. Whether you belong to the tribe of high rollers or not, now is your chance to check out this stylish Pay N Play site with an Estonian license!

High Roller Casino welcome bonus: 200 free spins

The name High Roller refers to players with big money, but the moderate size welcome bonus does not go in the same direction. There are 200 free spins available, which are awarded in batches of 20 for ten days on different games. Right after the first deposit, the first set of ten spins will come, and ten more will be added every 24 hours from then on. The monetary value of the rounds has not been stated, but it is probably close to the minimum.

As we know, you shouldn’t just stare at the content of the bonus, but also remember the bonus conditions! In High Roller Casino’s free spins bonus, they are just right, because the spins are completely free of recycling. So you get to keep all the winnings from the rounds and continue playing or cash out if you win bigger. It should be taken into account that each batch of free spins is valid for 24 hours. Therefore, you must always go play new reels on the same day you get them.

How do I play at High Roller Casino?

Is Pay N Play the choice of highrollers playing with big money? This is the case if you believe in this casino, because it only works without registration. Everything from registration to login and from deposit to withdrawal can be handled with just Finnish online banking credentials. It’s a bit strange, though, that when you select Livespins from the main menu, you can also do a traditional registration – until you have to choose a country that doesn’t include Finland. So this must have been left on the way from some other language version.

Otherwise, navigating the site is easy using the clear main menu on the left side. There are not too many points in it, which is a good decision in terms of the ease of playing. You can find your own links only for different game modes and offers. Questions are only raised about the mentioned Livespins section, which refers to the stream broadcasts offered by the casino about the streamers playing. A fun idea that many online casinos don’t use! If you need help, press the small chat icon in the lower corner of the menu, and you will get to the customer service. Terms, license information and other small print can be found at the bottom of the page as usual.

Deposits and withdrawals at High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino only uses online bank payments. They operate on the well-known Zimpler service, which means that all major Finnish banks are supported. Payment is facilitated by modern mobile certificates, which are used by many banks, i.e. a list of key figures is no longer needed. With the Pay N Play concept, you can play really fast, and you usually don’t need to confirm your game account when using online banking credentials either, because the information comes directly through the bank account. On the other hand, the downside is that the site does not offer other payment methods.

High Roller’s minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal are both 20 euros. Best of all, instant quick withdrawals are also available, which means that the winnings almost always appear in the bank account immediately or within minutes. What is somewhat confusing is that the terms and conditions also talk about other payment methods, even though the casino does not use them. These are also probably a remnant of another language version. No fees are charged for transfers, and thanks to the Estonian license, the winnings are also tax-free for players in the North.

Bonuses at High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino doesn’t actually offer bonuses. It could very well be that the casino thinks that the big bettors are not so much after campaigns, or it could be pure coincidence. In any case, a player will not be completely without benefits at this casino either.

The most significant of the fixed benefits is the loyalty program offered by the site , which is aimed at the most committed and hardworking players. The thing works in such a way that by always betting, you collect loyalty points, and when you collect enough of them, you move up the VIP levels. You also get a reward for each level up. The advantage over the loyalty rewards of many other sites is that, for example, the free spins are personalized: if you play with larger stakes, the value of the free spins received as rewards is also higher than the most common minimum value. Overall, there is quite a bit of information about loyalty available on the site, but once you log in, you can easily track your progress and view rewards on the rewards page.

Other campaigns on the site are mostly changing offers. So there are no specific deposit bonuses or free spins that should be redeemed at regular intervals, but rather various changing benefits. So you should definitely check the campaign page every time you visit the casino and of course if you want to accept the casino’s marketing as well.

High Roller Casino’s game selection

The casino offers more than 3,000 games, which is a great number, especially for a fast casino. There is an offer from almost 50 different producers, among which are all the most familiar names whose products you like. Maybe you’re after Nolimit City’s high volatility games or Big Time Gaming’s Megaways? The choice is yours.

In terms of browsing functions, the gaming lobby is, to say the least, impressive. Separate distribution categories are available according to many game features, for example bonus buy-in, high variance and random wilds. You can even browse the games by theme, whether your favorite topic is Egypt, Asia or even sports. Experimenting with play money and browsing according to producers is of course also possible.

In terms of traditional table games, the situation is also good. There aren’t that many old-fashioned table games in the library, but fans of casino classics nowadays mostly prefer live casino implementations. In your own live lobby, you will find all the live versions of familiar table games, as well as, of course, game shows, such as various wheels of fortune, which offer the opportunity to win a little bigger when you kick your luck, clearly divided.

High Roller Casino customer service

No matter how high-roller you are, it doesn’t mean that sometimes there can’t be some twists and turns on the way to a conkar. Fortunately, customer support at online casinos helps in these situations. High Roller’s customer service is open every day from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Finnish time, i.e. with reasonably comprehensive opening hours. You can also get help in Finnish, but not necessarily at all times. Additionally, there is always the option to send an email to [email protected] .

During Bonusguru’s test session, customer support worked well. We got in touch with the staff quickly, and the answers came quickly. However, this time it just so happened that there were no Finnish-speaking customer service staff at work that time. The site also has a factual frequently asked questions section in Finnish and terms of use, where you can find answers without even contacting us.

High Roller Casino on mobile devices

Naturally, the casino also offers a mobile version – nowadays, the number of mobile players is so large that no online casino can afford to ignore them halfway. On the other hand, High Roller Casino has not developed a separate app, but mobile players are completely dependent on the website version that works in a mobile browser.

This won’t hurt much. High Roller has already been built as such a light and clear website from the beginning that it works great even with slightly less powerful devices and connections. All the same games, bonuses and features as in desktop use are available, and money transfers are also successful. An absolutely functional choice even for the needs of a mobile gamer!

High Roller Casino Pros and Cons

High Roller Casino has a good handle on the cornerstones of the casino experience. Certainly, no player at least looks askance at tax-free winnings, which in most cases end up in the bank account even as immediate instant payments. One of the distinguishing factors of the site should also be the Livespins function, i.e. streams that you can conveniently follow directly through the site.

In terms of bonuses, the site does not shine more than its amount. Yes, there is a loyalty program and changing offers, but as a spoiled bonus hawk, Bonusguru is perhaps still a little lacking in some recurring advantage in the campaign listing. The welcome bonus is quite nice, but it also leaves something to be desired in that sense, that when the name of the site is High Roller, the bonus could perhaps be a bit bigger.

The good sides of High Roller Casino

  • instant quick withdrawals
  • good selection of games
  • Livespins streams
  • seamless mobile experience
  • tax-free profits

Disadvantages of High Roller Casino

  • there could be more bonuses

Security at High Roller Casino

High Roller Casino operates with an Estonian license, which is perhaps the second most popular among EEA licenses, right after the MGA business license. Numerous favorite sites have started with this tax-free license, and its security is impeccable. High Roller Casino also gives a reliable image of itself and offers all the elements of a safe gaming experience, such as reliable online payments and an SSL certificate. The assessments of other online player communities also support Bonusguru’s impression that it is a credit site.

High Roller Casino and responsible gaming

The Estonian licensor’s requirements for responsible gaming have traditionally not been as strict, but this is not easily seen in current Estonian casinos. Many of them, including High Roller, offer very good tips for controlling and playing responsibly. This time too, the topic has its own information page, which you can find at the bottom of the page. There you can learn more about the topic and the responsible gambling tools offered by the gaming room, such as deposit and loss limit, quick break and access ban. The site also belongs to the Estonian HAMPI register, where you can block your access to the participating casinos at once.

Brief history of High Roller Casino

The name of High Roller Casino has not yet reached the ears of all players, although it is not a brand-new novelty: the site was founded in 2017. Behind it is an operator called Happy Hour Solutions Ltd, which is by no means the most famous, because the company’s name does not have currently no other casino. However, it is by no means a bad sign this time, but rather great that the company focuses on one of its creations and does not produce new sites from the assembly line. We know that there is experience in the gaming industry behind High Roller, so the people at the casino know what they are doing!

High Roller Casino in a Nutshell

High Roller offers excellent snacks for quick or even the most thorough game moments, whether you are a “shark” as the site’s name suggests or just a Sunday player playing for a small amount of money. It offers a nice free spins bonus right at the start, but not an awful lot of other bonuses. However, you can find good features at the raffle shop, for example immediate quick withdrawals, a good selection of games and a loyalty program. So if you found an inner highroller, all you have to do is roll!

Deposit Bonus
200 wager free spins
Max Bet
Claim Bonus * Casino's terms and conditions apply