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Hello, everyone!

”I am for the open meadows,

Open meadows full of sun,

Where the hot bee hugs the clover,

The hot breezes drop and run”

I wrote that. Not.

NEW! Resolved Casino Problems

Report a casino problem: Resolved cases

We work extremely hard for our users to have a smooth experience without facing any problems. Recently, we have started listing cases in which our users have faced issues. If you have encountered any problems with a specific online casino website, whether it be an account issue, payout issue or any other issue, please let us know via our ”report a casino problem” page. We will try and resolve the issue on your behalf.

So far, 85% of cases have been successfully resolved for the users’ benefit!

See all resolved cases *here. (*feature not yet available)

Featured Live Streamer in July

Some of our streamers have returned from holidays, be sure to check them out and mark their streaming schedule on your calendars!


Familiar from the streams of Tero, Hune and others, Jaberpal is making a comeback in July. This world traveler can sometimes be seen streaming from the coasts of Malta, or the glaciers of Iceland.

When he is not streaming, you may find him posting humorous reels on TikTok.

Learn more about Jaberpal here »

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